Advantages of Learning the Piano From A Piano Teacher

March 5th, 2014

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The piano is perhaps the most learned instrument for all time, and rightly so, because not only is it good for the ears but it learning how to play it also has plenty of benefits for both adults and children alike.

No matter how old you are, learning how to play the piano can increase your discipline, concentration, hand-eye coordination, creativity, confidence, and self-esteem. It helps you become a more well-rounded person and it improves your memory. It was also found out to reduce stress and blood levels in older players, and it provides everyone with a medium of self-expression. But most of all, it gives you a sense of joy because you are making your own music.

Given the now popular use of the Internet and the introduction of YouTube, many people can now learn how to play the piano online through videos and clips. This, however, is not a very good way of learning how to play. As always, learning from a private piano teacher is the best way of learning.

One problem, however, is where to get these teachers. Piano teachers are not as rampant as they used to be because many people opt to study from the Internet. Fortunately, offers many piano teachers that are available for hire right away.

Learning how to play the piano from piano teachers is better than learning online because they will be able to make you understand what each note means, how to read them, and how to play them properly. They will also be able to check your tempo and timing–something no one will be able to do when you’re only learning from the net. Getting real live piano teachers will also force you to become more disciplined because you will be forced to sit with him/her for at least a whole hour, practicing the whole time. Studying online by yourself will make it more tempting to quit when you don’t feel like it anymore. Piano teachers will also force you to learn songs from all types of genres, which will make you an even better piano player than if you only know songs that you like.

Learning how to play the piano is advantageous for both children and adults alike. However, it is also important that you learn how to play the piano the right way–through a tutor. This will not only make you a better piano player but also a more disciplined one at that.

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Preparing for the IELTS

February 13th, 2014

The IELTS, or the International English Language Testing System, is one of the most popularly accepted English language skills test worldwide. It measures a person’s ability to read, speak, write, and listen to the English language, and is taken by those who want to live, work, or study in an English-speaking country. There are two kinds of IELTS tests: academic and general training. The general training test is for those who wish to live or work in an English-speaking country while the academic is for those who want to pursue a tertiary level of education or higher.

The IELTS has many testing centers all over the world. If, for any reason, you want or need to take it, then just search for the testing center nearest you, apply, and take the exam. Of course, you would also have to prepare before taking the test. Though there are no pass or fail marks, getting a high ranking (band-score, in IELTS terms) in the results would definitely give you a better chance of getting accepted in different English-speaking institutions.

There are many different ways of preparing for the IELTS. In fact, their websites and testing centers offer reviewers or practice sheets for takers so that they will know what to expect during the actual exam. However, not all people are confident enough to do these reviewers on their own. In fact, many aren’t even confident in their English abilities. For this reason, many people have opted to become IELTS tutors.

Like testing centers, IELTS tutors are all over the world. If, for example, you need a tutor for IELTS, you can just ask the testing center or search online if there are any available near you.

IELTS tutors are very similar to regular tutors except that they know what to expect in IELTS tests. They will help you enhance your reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills so that you will be more confident when taking the exam. They will also be your guide in case you have any questions regarding the IELTS tests. IELTS tutors would most likely have their own reviewers or practice sets for training but you can always download one or get a copy from testing centers so that you will have extra practice. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Some people are too embarrassed to get tutors because others may think that they aren’t smart enough to take the test on their own. For these people, we say, there is nothing embarrassing about getting a tutor. In fact, it is a lot more helpful than preparing on your own because you have someone to correct you, and you can practice speaking better. This will not only enhance your abilities but also your confidence. So if you think that you want an IELTS tutor, then go ahead and get one now!

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